SEO Analysis

View all your important SEO data in one place so you can take more accurate decisions.

Step 1

Quickly take a look at the signs of how you can improve the SEO of your site and how your current problems can be resolved.

Step 2

Understand which keywords are on your page and start the required website optimization process.

Step 3

Focus on the basics required to transform your creative energy into an effective strategy.

Download PDF Reports and Slides

Platformumuz üzerinden müşterilerinize rapor gönderebilir veya işvereninize slayt sunumu yapabilir ve hatta bir düğme ile web sitenizin SEO verilerini PDF raporu olarak indirebilirsiniz.


Compare Your Competitor, arama sıralamalarında hem kendi yerinizi görmenizi hem de rakiplerinizle aranızdaki mesafeyi doğru analiz etmenizi kolaylaştırır. Edindiğiniz bilgileri rakiplerinizin önüne geçmek için kullanarak, şirketinizi arama sonuçları sıralamasının en üst basamağına taşıyabilirsiniz.

Social Media and Analytical Content

SEO helps your site to get organic traffic. The durableness of your business continuity is directly related to your determination to navigate in the light of the reports you integrate with Google tracking and social media interaction data.

Google Preview and Keyword Level Options

Top ranking in Google searches occurs with high click counts. For this reason, seeing which keywords you should use more frequently helps you to convert your site and the content you create correctly to get to the top.

Popularity of Your Content

Publishing words related to your content on social media can help you gain stronger links from other sites. SEO, which does not allow web page optimization, also gives you advantage in this regard as well.


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